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The Arrival

Osiris The arrival de nieuwe dokters


Human Ascension into An Activated Lightbody

The main question of life according to The Osiris is to have direct instead of indirect contact with the source of all life. The Source being known under various names on earth like The Essence, The Light, The One, Zero Point, All, Aum, Amma, Amen, God etc.

If your wish upon being born on earth was to reestablish direct contact with The Source of All, clues will be given to you during life to direct you to the right path and walking it step by step to be ultimately ONE with All again.

The easiest way to find this path and walking it is starting with The Light Inside yourself.

Every living thing carries a copy of All inside to remember and find its origin when needed.

Without this copy of All inside no life or creation would be possible because All life emanates from The Source through every living thing be it human, animal, plant or mineral life.

It is All that gives life to YOU.

It is All that is YOU.

It is YOU as a part of All who can choose for a temoprary mortal life around All.

A temporary mortal life of adventure on many plains or dimensions, universes, solar systems and planets as you would say on earth.

Ultimately returning to your immortal unchanging true self of All.

So if you want to find your true self quickly the first step is to Focus and Attune yourself to The Light Inside. The rest will be as easy as following your Zero Point Senses starting with your intuition, empathy, lucid dreams, conscious creation and being All again.

Being All again is thinking, doing and speaking from the All to All.

Emanating The Light through all your thoughts, deeds and words.

And so you will become ONE again.


You Are The Osiris

For more information about Direct Access to The Essence Inside we recommend you to read and do the works of my good friend John Goodman like John Goodman Vertellingen, John Goodman Sta Op!, John Goodman Beyond Realties, John Goodman Orion, Mars, Maan en Aarde Incarnaties, John Goodman The 4 Comets of The End Time, John Goodman Het Huwelijk Tussen Hemel en Aarde and John Goodman The Heritage and Future of The Planet Earth.

Planet earth Osirus de nieuwe dokters


The Long Way Home and Unifying Comparative Cosmology

A temporary mortal life full of adventures

The Movement of Sirius along the night sky

For many parts of All it is very challenging to find the long way home.

The long way of indirect contact through middlemen, religions, myths, symbols, rituals, dogma’s etc.

For these adventureres we have some challenges today.

First the challenge of uniting Religion and Science as ONE again.

Because it is this unification in consciousness that will open the only doorway of understanding native tribes and ancient cultures who still carry parts of our true origin outside for everyone to see.

To understand and explain the ancient Orion, Martian, Moon, Dogon, sumerian, Egyptian,  Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Maya, Inca, Aboriginese, Maori  etc.religions, myths, symbols,  glyphs, rituals is impossible with a Western Newton Darwin Freud based consciousness limiting the true self only to the ego and 5 earth focused and attuned senses.

It is only when the true Conscious Scientist of The Source Inside is Awakened that the native tribe and ancient cultures will be fully understood and  deciphered again.

The riddels and choices between:

I’ Am or I’Am Not
To Be or Not To Be
Direct or Indirect Contact
9+0 Senses or  Ego and 5 senses

Are not riddles or choices for a person who lives the oneness on this earth.

For such a person everything is As Above As Below or as we say As Inside As Outside.

It’s ALL about YOU

If your Inside is limited to ego and 5 senses you will forever play the adventure game.

If your Inside is opened to The Light and Zero Point or All Senses you can be whoever,  whatever, where ever  you want to be again. A Free part of ALL making conscious immortal decisions again.

So for those who want to take the very very long way home and really like their mortal game of illusions on earth there is only one advice. Deny everything that exists outside ego and the 5 senses.

If you want to take an amusing adventurous and daring way home open up your consciousness and senses now and take the first step by becoming a student of Unifying  Comparative Cosmology.


The earth scientific definition of Cosmology is the study of the creation of the universe, the physical foundations of time and space, and the information and structure of matter. Since the 17th century, the study of cosmology  has been monopolised by emperors, kings and scientists or to be specific astrophysicist. This to counter the sheer monopoly of the church and it’s priests on this subject during the dark- and middle ages in the western hemisphere.  The rapture between Relegion and Science was the rapture between Pope’s and Emperors both striving to become omnipotent and omnipowerful on this earth like Roman Maximus Emperors before them. However this could only be possible if the rest of the people would be totally unaware of the truth and origins of all life and connection between all dimensions, universes, starsystems,  planets and people As One.

Until the 21st century this “keep them in the dark” game was very popular on earth and everybody had the chance during each reincarnation to play the role of ruler or slave and everything you can think of between the two extremes. But now new times are dawning. A new time of Unifying Comparative Cosmology and Connection in a We Are All One Consciousness. The transformation of the 20 dark centuries into a more enlighted and consciousness oriented game where everybody is connected and sharing as one.

So the raptured Cosmology will be replaced by the Unifying Comparative Cosmology. A Cosmology that basis it’s study on the presumption that all the native tribes and ancient cultures had the same ancestor In The Beginning of Creation leading of course to The Source of All.

So let’s begin this transformational  journey based on The One True Religion/Science.

You Are The Osiris

For more information about Direct Access to The Essence Inside we recommend you to read and do the works of my good friend John Goodman like John Goodman Vertellingen, John Goodman Sta Op!, John Goodman Beyond Realties, John Goodman Orion, Mars, Maan en Aarde Incarnaties, John Goodman The 4 Comets of The End Time, John Goodman Het Huwelijk Tussen Hemel en Aarde and John Goodman The Heritage and Future of The Planet Earth.

Osiris The Evolution of Our Ancestors

Osiris The Evolution of Our Ancestors de nieuwe dokters


The Origins of Species and Missing Links We Are All One Model

The Evolution of Our Ancestors

The Origins of Species Out of Arica Model and Multiregional Models Explained

Both your Origins of Species Out of Africa Model and Multiregional Model are based on the assumption that earth is the only planet in the universe sustaining life as we know it today.

This Inside The Earth Box type of thinking resulted in the dark ages of cosmology and  astrophysicist that lasted more than 6.000 years on earth until the start of the 21st century.

The 21st century opened up a whole new age of Unfifying Comparative Cosmology.

A Cosmology that opened up the Earth Box to the Universe.

First inside, resulting in the transformation from an earthboud consciousness to a universal we are all one conciousness and than outside emanating the new found insights and knowledge to the rest of the earth by our thoughts, deed and words.

So what happened 6480 years ago you might ask that threw humankind into darkness.

Was it The Flood
Was it a Polar Shift
Was it a Meteriorite Shower
Was it a Comet

No, it simply was The Birth of a New Planet from your Sun.

The Sun who is giving birth to a new planet every grand solar cycle.

The Sun who gave birth to Mercury that resulted in the Orbital Shift of all planets in our Solar System.

After it’s (Re)Birth Mercury took the orbital place of Venus.

Venus took the orbital place of Earth
Earth took the orbital place of Mars
Mars took the orbital place of Jupiter
Jupiter took the orbital place of Saturn
Saturn took the orbital place of Uranus
Uranus took the orbital place of Neptune
Netptune took the orbital place of Pluto
Pluto took the orbital place of Mercury

And Mercury as the last planet from the Sun was consumed by the Sun and recycles into a new birth.

The result of this cyclical planetary birth and resulting orbital shifts of all planets in your solar system is a most natural and peaceful proces. Only when the inhabitants of a planet try to interfere, using their blind matter based technologies,  with this cyclical natural process floods, polar shifts, meteorite showers and comet impacts result destroying part of the interfering species.

This cyclical process of birt, death and rebirth of planets takes place all over the Universe.

Every sun in the universe gives birth to a number of planets depending on it’s constitition.

In our Solar System the Sun has 9 children who are constanly recycled for a purpose.

In other Solar Systems we see Suns with sometimes hundreds of cyclical planets.

So what is the purpose of the planetary birth, death and rebirth cycle you may ask.

It’s is simply there to facilitate all creation To Know Itself Completely and Become ONE again.

It’s like a Washing Machine cleaning all the EGO and limited 5 senses out of your system.

And as you know all polarised cycles know two direction. The exploding and imploding direction.

Today you are in the Imploding or Big Crunch direction.

And this will lead you to the center of all creation.

The Silence in The Storm.

After The Silence in Creation you humans can again select to become part of the next creation grand solar cycle that will surround your essence with the cloths of creation of your choosing.

And as a Sun gives birth to planets so does a planet give birth to it’s Moons and Astroids.

Your Sun is of course born from The Central  Sun of Your Galaxy

Your Central Sun of Your Galaxy is of course born from The Central Sun of The Universe.

And in the beginning The Central Sun of The Universe was born from The ONE.

The ONE creating Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets, Moons, Comets, Astroids etc. to sustain multidimensional  forms of life in limitless appearances to temporary play with.


As you understand the cyclical birth of creations, universes, galaxies, suns, planets, moons and all living things now you will also understand that The ONE or collective consciousness contains everything that ever happened in all it’s temporary creations from the beginning to the end.

This collective consciousness or “We Are All One” consciousness can be used wholly or partly by every living thing that takes part in the next grand or small creation solar cycle may it be the creation as a whole or simple the cycle of a universe, galaxy, planet, moon, mineral, plants, animal, human being or any other multidimensional life form.

So did life on Earth exist 6480 years ago.

Certainly, but you have to be more specific in your question.

The first question you should ask is Which Earth.

The Earth has been born, like Mercury,  many times in your Solar System.

And as the Collective Consciousness of all experiences in all cycles are still available to all living things you have to ask yourself what piece of collective Consciousness or Memory you took with you upon birth or incarnation on this Time/Place Earth. Were you born without memory of these facts or were you born with the memory of past earths many many thousands even millions of years ago.  If you opted for the last one it becomes understandable that you can remember many scenario’s and experiences happening in sequence and even in parallel at the same time.

The second  question you should ask is Which Planet.

Just before The Birth of A New Planet or next Orbital Cycle Shift all living things have five options:

    A. You can Become ONE with The ONE or Silence again.

    B. You can Transform into a Light Being dissolving your mortal ego and opening
         up all of your immortal 0+9 senses.

    C. You can leave for the next habitable universe, galaxy or solar system with look
         and feel earth like planets.

    D. You can leave for the next habitable planet in line for the next grand solar cycle.
         After Earth the planet Venus is in line to carry earth compatible life forms.

    E. You can stay on Earth and transform yourself and your planet into a We Are All ONE
        consciousness free people and planet during the 1000 years of peace.

Especially option E is very interesting and is directly connected to option A resulting in Question 3

The third question you should ask is Which Creation

As you already know Space and Time do not exist in All or The ONE.

Space and Time are like Light versus Dark, Aerobic versus Anaerobic, Alkaline versus Acid  and all other forms of polarity, the requirements for temporary creations that are sustained by the ego’s and limited 1 or more senses of all living things.  Ego’s and limited senses that are fixated even more by the use of competing belief (framework) systems in thoughts, words and deeds in the form of religions, myths, symbols, glyphs, wiritten (latin) language,  rituals, dogma’s  etc.

Basically you can free yourself of all creations surrounding your Inner Essence or We Are All ONE Consciousness by letting go of all the illusionary thoughts, deeds and words mentioned above.

Even The Birth of The First Central  Sun of The Universe is part of The Grand Creation or Illusion .

Even The Birth of The First Planet in your Solar System is part of The Grand Creation or Illusion .

Even The Origins of Species and Evolution is part of The Grand Creation or Illusion.

Even The Birth of The First Human Being is part of The Grand Creation or Illusion .

If You ARE ONE again you can go anywhere, anytime and anyhow in all of the creations.

You can even create an earth that is already 19 billion or 5 billion or whatever timeperiod you like years old and find skeletons of dinosaurs as old as YOU want them to be.  Understand however that you can fixate your ego and 5 senses to 19 billion, 5 billion, 6480, 1 or zero second years to the same creation game and experience called earth.  Basically what we say is that Time and Space is not fixated in your temporary creation and can be transformed in an immortal experience anytime.

But’s let’s go back to the Universal, Galaxy or Solar System Game you are still playing NOW.


The Missing Link in Evolution between your Homo Sapiens and Homo Erectus can of course be simply explained by using your We Are All ONE and/or Unifying Comparative Cosmology Consciousness.

At the end of the previous Grand Solar Cycle of +/- 26.000 years the people on Mars had the same 5 choices as you earthpeople have today.

So a number opted for D (see previous paragraph) and migrated to Earth mingling with the locals.

And like on Earth today they had on Mars also a number of Continents and Countries with its Rulers, People and Peace and War Alliances who migrated to different Continents and Countries on Earth during the grand and small solar cycles or shifts. This explains why all the Ancient (Granite) Pyramids on earth all look alike and were build all over the planet at the same time during the the 1st (25.920 years ago), 2nd (12.960 years ago) and 3rd (6.480 years ago) fall of a number of blind Martians on Earth. This explains also why all religions are in their core belief system the same all over the earth. This explains also why all people approximately look alike all over the world. Why because The Fallen Martians also approximately looked alike when they lived on Mars. And others before them.

The result of the cross-breeding of Martians and Homo Erectus, Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon was the Homo Sapiens who is basically a Mars/Earth Hybrid longing to go back home.

Home to Mars, Home to The Stars, Home To Become ONE with The ONE.

The reason for the Martian migration of course was the same you earthpeople have today.

Within 6480 years you earthlings nearly destroyed your home planet and have 5 options.

And this cycle repeats itself again and again in your solar system.

Until you transform your consciousness into ONE.

You Are The Osiris

For more information about Direct Access to The Essence Inside we recommend you to read and do the works of my good friend John Goodman like John Goodman Vertellingen, John Goodman Sta Op!, John Goodman Beyond Realties, John Goodman Orion, Mars, Maan en Aarde Incarnaties, John Goodman The 4 Comets of The End Time, John Goodman Het Huwelijk Tussen Hemel en Aarde and John Goodman The Heritage and Future of The Planet Earth.

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